[Issue 2 / August 2012]


Makes no sense

The clothes of a dead man

In a dead closet


Store them for good

Like he’s coming home

Any minute now


Like he’s gone out for cigs

Or the last

Of the late editions


Like he’s off to the park

To hit a few runs

Or firing a shot into the loop


Like he’s in the backyard

Twisting wires with pliers

Raising a tent to romp in


Like he’s going to

Take your son on his lap

Tell him a bedtime story


Wait in the car

After the after-school dance

To pick up your daughter


Take her home

Safe from the frost

And the boys


Like he plucks out his dentures

To play them for castanets

Dig this tune, he grins


While resting his head on a shovel

After burying me



A Canadian author and composer, Luigi Monteferrante’s work includes Stiletto Heels & A Pork Pie Hat, a poetry collection, the novel At the Hearth of the Devil’s Lair, and Music for Galleries & Museums, an album. His poetry has been published in over thirty magazines, and his short stories appeared in Chicago Quarterly Review and other fine journals. The Thing About Love, a one-act play about stone-faced men with broken hearts, debuted at Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, 2011. Originally from Montreal, Luigi lives in Vasto Marina, Italy. Discography: www.cdbaby.com/Artist/GangofTolstoy, or iTunes. Info:www.luigimonteferrante.com