Banner artwork by Shanti Perez.

Finally, Issue One hits the road. With it I see an open tomorrow. A tomorrow of intelligent reading and intense writing. The idea is if we can’t change the world with the money that we don’t have, let’s give words a chance. This is the beginning of a new journey.

I tried to reach writers directly, mostly through facebook, or word of mouth. Shernaz Wadia and Shanti Perez did the same. It wasn’t easy, but it was exciting. The efforts were well received, and in no time the in-box started filling up. Submissions that came in were good. We had to delay the publication of Issue One by a month to ensure quality. Thank you, writers and poets who submitted work for consideration.

Shanti Perez, who edited the short fiction says, writing brings us closer together and helps us recognize that we, the human species, are one. Through the art of fiction we may forget reality for a moment, step back and take a journey into each other’s lives. This is the wonder of storytelling, a tradition that has survived since before written language developed, and it is our calling as writers to re-invent stories in new and provocative ways that will impact society and leave a(n) historical resonance that will be our legacy after we contemporary writers are long gone.

Shernaz Wadia, quoting Dennis Gabor who famously said ‘Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them’, hopes the readers hear the music in the first selection of poems. She adds, these communicate tenderness of feelings, soaring thoughts and beautiful expressions. It wasn’t easy to choose from the huge number of submissions received. The ones that have not found a place here is not because their worth did not measure up but because we can accommodate just so many.  Dear poets keep sending us your work without being disheartened.

Enjoy the summer. Happy reading!

Kulpreet Yadav

New Delhi


Maplewood by Madhulika Liddle
Please Be Careful with the Children by Heather Fowler
Zepellin  by Tanuj Solanki

Creative nonfiction:

Traveler’s language by Nishant Batsha

Poetry :

Calling Out the Poems  by Elizabeth Bodien
Origami  by Mark Anderson
Connected-Lethally  by Neerja Yadav
Listening by W. F. Lantry
Bareback Alchemy by Melissa Studdard
21 From Symphony No 7 by RicCarfagna
Wind Moods by Dr. Madhumita Ghosh
Nudes, and Other Bodies of Work by Beth Boettcher
Stigmatic widowhood by Dr. Vivekanand Jha
No demons will be risen more slowly by Tamara Kaye Sellman