[Issue 1 / May 2012]

Wind Moods by Dr. Madhumita Ghosh


Wishes and Dreams

If wishes were winds

I’d fly away with them…

If dreams were real

I’d forget them.


The Wind that Died

The wind has lost its colours.

A tangible pallid substance

razes my face,

eyes screwed up,


see captive darkness.

A mangled butterfly lies


The winged colours

have flown to a distant dream,

taking with them

the hues of a living wind.


Dancing with the Wind

The wind came

in a billowing wave,

sunshine riding on its crest…

a little song-bird

entered my soul…

my yellow heart danced with joy.



Volumes of wind spread across,

inundating hearts

hanging in the air…

the dam breaks down.

I overflow.