[Issue 1 / May 2012]

Connected-Lethally by Neerja Yadav

the soul just wants to sing its song and say goodbye!

did you know that souls could type?

they sneak out of their nests at night,

amongst the maze of blue, into the Kitchen, and there they write.


they write on the moleskin and on the walls,

they write on your pillow and your overalls

those snowflakes that you see or those autumn leaves,

even those tiny fresh spring dew drops …

they are all soul’s words falling from the sky.


have i told you, i would like to be a bird, someday… ?

i could scale the skies and forget about making food or laundry

i could sail from tuscan sun to parisian moonlight…


i could fly over dante’s inferno and settle on the treehouse

i could be all and none…


I’m stuck between the pages,

a cellophane-wrapped rose in a galaxy of words…

waiting for you to flip through…