[Issue 1 / May 2012]

Calling Out the Poems by Elizabeth Bodien

I catch the outline of two black poems,

hiding in reeds of the white pond page.

They glance across the bright expanse,

but keep a distance, under cover.


They could swim out into light,

toward me or toward the low red sun.

Instead they preen and dunk their heads

in the deep white page, for sustenance.


I might whistle in their language.

They might answer, their music in mist.

Or they might stay hidden, until not hunted,

till they can spread their wings, take off.


Elizabeth Bodien lives near Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania, USA. She taught anthropology until 2007. Her poetry has appeared in The Litchfield Review, The Fourth River, qarrtsiluni, US 1 Worksheets, and Cimarron Review, among other publications. Her chapbooks include Plumb Lines (Plan B Press 2008), Rough Terrain: Notes of an Undutiful Daughter (FootHills Publishing 2010), and Endpapers (Finishing Line Press 2011).