SUBMIT TO OPEN ROAD REVIEW, SOUTH ASIA'S LEADING MAGAZINE OF LITERATURE - Copy1. Submission for the BLOG: Your piece should be on literature (book reviews, author interviews, literary criticism etc.) or culture (art, cinema, food & mythology etc). Ideal word length is 600 – 1200. Submit at in the body of the email. A few selected pieces will be paid 500-2000 INR based on the content & the writing as decided by the editors.

2.  Submission for the Literary Issue published every quarter: General guidelines for Issue 17 of Open Road Review to be published on 1 May 16 (submission from 1 Mar 16 – 10 Apr 16) are as follows (we are unable to pay for the pieces accepted, but all published works are considered for the annual writing prize for which announcement will be made in May 16):

Fiction:  Open Road Review accepts previously unpublished short fiction up to 4000 words and flash fiction of 1000 words or fewer throughout the year though we may close submissions on occasion to catch up on reading.

We look for literary work that is influential, yet elegant in a subtle way, fiction that effortlessly takes the reader to a deeper level, revealing the human condition without sloshing the flow of consciousness over its banks. We encourage work that has a rich interior, a story that teaches us how to read it, something that if you can get it on a greeting card, it’s not working.

Stories must be typed, double-spaced and in MS Word DOC format with your full name and address on the manuscript. Submit only ONE story at a time. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know that the piece is submitted elsewhere. A query is unnecessary. We do not offer compensation. Send your submission as an attachment (and in the body of the mail) to 

Creative NonFiction: One CNF piece, under 2000 words. Words that poke, teach, reason and stay put in the mind for a long time. Show us places we haven’t heard of, people we thought didn’t exist, misery or excess in any form, living or dead, that hurts. Send in the body of the mail to

Poetry: Please submit at a time 3-5 poems of under 30 lines each. The poems should be original and unpublished (we do not consider poems posted on a personal website or blog as “published”).

Most forms and styles of poetry are eligible for publication, provided the poems are well-crafted and their content has a contemporary relevance. Of particular interest is poetry that is sophisticated and imaginative, but has the potential to be understood and enjoyed by an audience that goes beyond “other writers”. We are interested in fresh voices and wish to include poetry from diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Open Road Review upholds the values of peace, community, and universal love, so submissions that are deemed offensive for whatever reason will be rejected. The editor holds the right to reject or accept any work. Send your best poems in the body of an email to
 (no attachments). 

Visual Art: Photographs (black and white, or colour), computer generated artwork, painting or pencil sketch that represents life on the road. Straight, curved, looped, up / down etc. Show us a good road and we will build our next issue alongside it. When you are ready, send a low-res image (less than 10 MB) to with cc marked to Queries are welcome.

Rights revert to the author upon publication. It will be nice if you say we published it first. ORR also holds the right to include the works published on its website in future anthologies.



These Guidelines have been created to demonstrate broad terms for a relationship of Open Road Review with its advertising partners and the relationship between editorial and advertising content. That said, the editorial integrity of the online magazine (and that of its print version, if and when published) and the trust of its readers will be the overriding factor. These guidelines will serve the purpose of ensuring trust and transparency of all concerned parties including the readers.

Open Road Review will revise and update these guidelines from time to time to keep in sync with the changes in the media industry and the relevant regulations.


These guidelines are applicable for Open Road Review in its current digital format and / or any other format it mutates into in the future.

Open Road Review will not allow any relationship with an advertiser to compromise its editorial integrity. The advertising content must be clearly distinguishable from all other content. Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their advertisements are suitably substantiated and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines. Open Road Review may, at its discretion, refuse or remove any advertising that brings disrepute to its brand.

Following will not be accepted under any conditions:

  1. Content that is indecent, vulgar, suggestive, profane, or offensive.
  2. Promotion of drugs, illegal substances, or related products or services.
  3. Hateful content against any individual, group, or organization.
  4. Content that is inflammatory in nature.
  5. A personal attack against an individual, country, or organization.
  6. Content that undermines the intellectual integrity, authority, and character of brand Open Road Review.
  7. Open Road Review may remove advertising content at any time if it violates any of its policies mentioned here or brought into force at a later date.


Sponsor Content is content created or commissioned by advertisers in collaboration with Open Road Review. It can appear in two forms: (1) Content produced by Open Road Review as commissioned by its advertising partners and (2) Content produced by advertisers.

It should be noted and understood that, as is the case with all advertising, Sponsor Content does not necessarily reflect the views and choices of the staff of Open Road Review. Whenever sponsor content is published there will be a prominent display of this fact for the information of its readers.

If any particular sponsor content creates a controversy due to a distinct point of view it represents, Open Road Review will not be held accountable for its outcome, and may, at its discretion, decide to remove the content.

Open Road Review may reject or accept any proposal from individuals and organizations if it doesn’t adhere to its stated or amended policies as applicable at the time.

For advertising and sponsor content quotes, write a detailed mail to with cc to

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